Going upside down is not only fun, but also has so many health benefits! Try to go upside down once a day (or more!). Start with a shoulder stand, then try a tripod. Once you’ve mastered those, move into a headstand. If you can do a headstand, try a forearm stand. Finally, if all the earlier poses are mastered, then it’s time to work on your handstand. 

You’ll have fun practicing and learning inversion poses, but you will also notice perks like these: 

BALANCE. balancing while upside down takes a while to get used to. But, once you have the feel for it- it will come naturally. If you can learn to balance on your head or hands, you will be able to find balance in every area of your life. 

CORE STRENGTH. balancing upside down takes some serious abs. If you don’t have a strong core, you are about to get one. 

LESS STRESS. going upside down brings fresh oxygen and blood through your system. This makes you feel better within 10 seconds. Next time your feeling frustrated and stressed, go upside down. If you can hold it for a minute- even better! 

HAPPINESS. going upside down boosts your mood. Doing inversions releases endorphins which allow you to feel uplifted instantly. Turn your frown upside down! 

EASE OF BACK PAIN. inversions take gravitational pressure off of the nerve roots and disks in your spine. Going upside down actually increases the space between each vertebrae. Inversions help to realign the spine, and relax tense muscles. I know from experience that going upside down helps my back pain caused by scoliosis! 

LESS BLOATING. going upside down increases circulation through your body. Inversions allow extra space for your organs and intestines which helps with bloating. 

Not only will you have a blast going upside down- you will also experience some great benefits!

Have you experienced any of these benefits??? 

peace and love,

the yoga buddy

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